Who Is CompuMed

  • CompuMed is a full featured computer services company started by Ron Honigman in 2002
  • It specializes in the on-site needs of home and small businesses
  • Ron Honigman discovered that most computer services companies took very little time to try to fix computer problems and even less time to diagnose them
  • Thanks to the MBA Ron earned from Concordia, he is an experienced trouble-shooter who can diagnose and repair computer problems quickly and accurately.  This ultimately saves you money
  • CompuMed will always take the time to get the problem resolved, regardless of how long it takes, at no extra cost to the client
  • If we are unable to solve the problem you won’t pay 
  • If the same problem recurs CompuMed will repair it again at no extra cost
  • Our goal is to have a satisfied customer who will call us again should the need arise and will recommend us to their friends